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EduCanNURS project

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in developed societies globally. Cancer care setting is demanding for nurses and it requires special competences in the overall cancer care continuum.

Towards Cancer Care Continuum Approach in Undergraduate Nursing Education (EduCanNURS) project aims to increase the quality of the undergraduate nursing education on cancer care.


Better cancer treatment basic competencies to support encounters with the patient

Caring for people affected by cancer is not limited on specialist units, therefore all nurses need to have the basic competences related to prevention of cancer, early detection, diagnosis, treatment principles and supportive care with communication abilities to encountering people with cancer.

Nurse talkig to a patient with a head scarf, holder her arm around her shoulder

Improving cancer treatment education as part of the undergraduate education

We want to increase the quality and access to cancer related learning in the undergraduate programs and unify the education in Europe. Teachers need to be equipped with contemporary tools to support curriculum development and implementation. While we develop undergraduate education, we also support the development of nursing and nurse’s role in project countries (Ireland, Finland, Croatia).

Project objectives are to

  • develop the Cancer Care Continuum approach on undergraduate nursing curricula
  • create implementation model with a pilot module
  • test and evaluate the module
  • create a toolkit for nursing teachers and recommendation on further development of undergraduate nursing education on cancer.

Nurse dressed in blue holding a stethoscope with a heart shape tube in red

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